Pure Balboa Competitionadmin


  • All competitors must be Full Weekend Pass holders or DanceOnly/Competition Pass holders
  • Entry fee: $40 per couple during online registration or $50 at the event
  • Prize money:  First place couple $500 / Second place couple $250 / Third place couple  $100
  • Please see the schedule for times of the Prelims and Finals.


This competition is open to all levels of competitors.

Like usual, the judges will be looking for timing, technique, and teamwork.  This contest will have a special emphasis on finesse, footwork, and musicality within the partnership. Primarily, shuffle-based footwork is encouraged. Closed-position swing moves will not be rewarded as we are looking for true Pure Balboa.



There may be 2 or more heats depending on the number of entries.
Song 1 of each heat – will be danced to a mid-tempo song.
Song 2 of each heat – will be danced to a fast-tempo song.


First All Skate – Couples will dance to a 2 minute mid-tempo song.
Second All Skate – Couples will dance to a 2 minute slow-tempo song.
Third All Skate – Couple will dance to a 2 minute fast-tempo song.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night. See the schedule for the exact time.