Pure Balboa Competitionadmin

This competition is open to all levels of competitors.

Couples will compete in a closed position throughout the competition. Close body contact between partners must be maintained at all times. Judges will be looking for timing, technique, footwork, finesse, and musicality.

There may be 2 or more heats depending on the space available, and the number of couples in the competition.
Song 1 of Heat – will be danced to a mid-tempo song.
Song 2 of Heat – will be danced to a fast-tempo song.

First All Skate – ALL of the couples will dance to a 2 minute song.
Spotlights – Each couple will then get a 1 1/2 minute spotlight dance.
Second All Skate – When all of the heats are complete, all of the couples will dance to an additional song which will be judged.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night. See the schedule for the exact time.