Peter Flahiffadmin

Peter began swing dancing in 1993 and started teaching just two years later. He’s taught across the country and around the world, including Herrang Dance Camp, Camp Hopeter-flahiff-headshot_origllywood, Camp Jitterbug, Lindy Focus and many more. He’s a noted instructor, coach, DJ, lecturer, MC and competition judge. Today, Peter counts some of the world’s top dancers and instructors as his former students. Peter is a highly sought-after social dancer and instructor and his “Art of Social Dance” lecture has received global acclaim. He has also helped create several thriving venues and dance scenes over the years (Rusty’s Rhythm Club in Los Angeles, ATOMIC Ballroom in Orange County and Eastside Stomp in Seattle) which continue to thrive today. Peter’s passion for the Swing Era shines through in his teaching as well as his daily life. He teaches with his regular partner, Lauren Smith.