Nelle Cherryadmin

Nelle was introduced to her love of Balboa in the Spring of 2006. During her early years as a Balboa dancer living in a follow-heavy dance scene, she became fruNELLEstrated with standing on the sidelines while great music was going to waste. She decided to take a chance on leading in 2008 and has never looked back! She has spent quality time in the classroom as a leader within multiple levels including masters tracks at Balboa Rendezvous and EBC. Nelle has competed as a lead at Eastern Balboa Championships, and won the All Balboa Weekend Gal Bal contest as a lead two years in a row partnered with Kelly Arsenault and Annabel Quisao. Spending time on the role of leading has provided Nelle with another approach to finding balance within all aspects of the dance.

Nelle has also continued following throughout the years, and that has gone pretty well too!