Nate and Tertiaadmin

Nate and Tertia have been studying various swing dances since 1997. They are well known for their unique combination of raw energy, smooth style, but above all, their jitterbug spirit. It was their shared vision for the preservation of Vernacular Jazz Dance history and their absolute love for swing that brought them together 15 years ago. They have a special place in their heart for Balboa because of it’s historical roots to California. They are seasoned Balboa competitors having last captured the 2014 California Balboa Classic Championship title. These days, Nate is a video game artist for one of the highest profile studios around and Tertia is the Academic Director of a turnaround charter school in southeast San Diego in which she has built a performing arts program that is based on traditional jazz art forms in both dance and music. When they are not pursuing their careers or raising their children, the Sartains continue to spread their jitterbug spirit through teaching and choreographing for all levels and ages. It is obvious that their passion for swing dance is a driving force in their life as witnessed through the upbringing of a new wave and generation of dancers.