Mel Calanglangadmin

MelCalanglangMel, known for bringing his enthusiasm and charisma to any dance floor, is a dance instructor who dedicates his time to encouraging swing dancing in the United Kingdom. He began as a break-dancer and DJ in his teenage years in Canada and has been dancing and competing in swing events across Europe and the United States since 2002. Having experience with Lindy Hop and Blues, Mel’s current passion lies in mastering Balboa and Bal-Swing – a journey of continuous learning. He has been teaching Balboa in Europe since 2011 and his technical, “down-to-earth” and positive approach to learning helps to make the classes he teaches not only informative but also a fun experience. Mel’s aspiration to be an ambassador for Balboa stems from a drive to continuously learn and share his passion of Balboa to enthusiasts alike.