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Level Check Class for Advanced,

Advanced-Plus and Int-Advanced Levels – check2

The purpose of the level check class is:

1) To group students whose dance ability/experience is similar and

2) To provide a balanced lead/follow ratio in class.

This will provide an environment where everyone can have an enjoyable and successful learning experience. It isn’t a competition or an audition.  Our goal to have each participant in a class with those who are at similar level so that everyone can get the most out of the material presented in class.

On Friday at 9:00am there will be a mandatory level check class for anyone who self-selected the Advanced or Advanced-Plus level during the registration process. This will be a class so that you can demonstrate moves/concepts that you already have mastered and how easily you can pick up new moves/concepts.

If you fail to attend this mandatory level check then you may not be placed in the level you have selected during registration.

Level Check Class for Advanced & Advanced-Plus:

> This class will be held in the main ballroom on Friday morning starting at 9:00am,  .

> Each student will be given a number to wear during the entirety of this class. Numbers will be given when you check in at the registration table. Registration opens at 5pm on Thursday and 8:00am on Friday. It is highly recommended that you check in on Thursday evening if you will be participating in the level check to avoid a line on Friday morning. Arriving on time is late. Arriving early is on time!

> Only those students on the roster for the Advanced or Advanced-Plus level may take part in the level check.

> Students will be arranged with random partners. Students without partners will be placed as evenly as possible within the circle. Instructors will show a portion of a sequence of moves. Students will be given a few opportunities to demonstrate what they have just been shown. Partners will be rotated and the same sequence will be shown again. Students will be given a few more opportunities to demonstrate what they have just been shown. Partners will be rotated and a new short sequence will be shown by a different set of instructors and the process will be repeated.

> If you have signed up for either of these levels in error you will be moved to the appropriate level at the end of the level check. It is NOT recommended that you sign up for this level if it is above your current knowledge and abilities. Please keep in mind that ABW attracts Balboa dancers from all over the world.

> Instructors will be conducting a make-up Level Check during the lunch break on Friday. New and different material will be taught at this class and students will be given less time to learn and demonstrate this material. It will benefit students to take the level check on Friday morning as they will have more time to learn the material than in the Friday afternoon make up session.