Jeff & Mimi Liu-Leycoadmin

Jeff_MimiMimi is ecstatic to share the spirit of the Jazz Age in her dancing and teaching. A lifelong dancer, she started swing dancing on a whim in 2005 as a summer hobby in Pasadena, California. Later that year, she moved to New York City, where her love for jazz music and its related dances blossomed exponentially. Today, she is recognized as an up-and-coming force in the Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Authentic Jazz worlds, winning numerous dance awards locally and internationally. She is especially remembered for her sassy and graceful stylings on the floor. In her hometown of NYC, Mimi is known as an established teacher, performer, DJ, and choreographer of swing dance and music. Her advice to all swing lovers is to get to know the music and musicians, which is how she continually finds joy in swing.

Jeff can never seem to keep his feet still. Growing up with a background in classical piano, music has always been an essential part of his life. He began swing dancing on a dare in college, but loved it so much that he decided to stick around. Now, Jeff is an award-winning Lindy hop and Balboa dancer, competing and placing in national and international competitions. He spreads the joy of swing dancing as an instructor, DJ, and photographer. Jeff currently lives in New York City with a constant soundtrack of Count Basie, Artie Shaw, and Edmond Hall his ears.

As teachers, Jeff and Mimi embrace history, technique, musicality in their lessons to help their students find success. They believe in the habits of regular practice to develop muscle memory and confidence in your own abilities. They practice regularly and analyze videos of themselves to continually find ways to improve and challenge themselves.