Desiree Roffersadmin

DesireeDesiree has loved dancing her whole life. At the age of four, she began Irish Dance. Soon after, she was competing around the country and started teaching dance in early middle school. Around 2002, Desiree switched her focus to swing dancing and began studying Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa. Desiree continues to travel to swing dance events around the country to learn and compete. She has studied extensively with the top balboa dancers in the world including a few of the original balboa dancers. She has received awards from Emerald City Shuffle, Eastern Balboa Championship, California Balboa Classic, Southern Swing Challenge, Hot Rhythm Holiday Music City Shuffle, and All Balboa Weekend. Desiree especially loves balboa because of its circular momentum, close connection, and intricate footwork. In 2011, Desiree started Chicago Balboa Underground, an organization dedicated to the promotion of balboa in Chicago. Desiree has a Masters Degree in Education and can be found teaching balboa throughout Chicago and at balboa events across the country. She runs a monthly balboa dance in Chicago and a weekly practice group dedicated to self directed learning, peer teaching, experimentation, and community building. When she is not shuffling across the dance floor, she enjoys scavenger hunts, murder mystery parties, trapeze, and aerial yoga.