For the many people who attended ABW from 2001 to 2006 and danced at the Bohemian National Hall, they will tell you that this is a very special venue!

In celebration of ABW’s 20th Anniversary, we are offering a special add-on dance on Thursday evening with live music by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander. Passes will be capped when we reach a predetermined number of leaders and followers (because of the limited capacity at this beautiful venue) so the sale of passes will be on a first come, first served basis when you register for your full weekend pass or your dance/competitor pass. We anticipate that they will sell out quickly!

The cost of the dance is $25 and you can arrange transportation to and from the Bohemian through Uber or Lyft at a cost of approximately $12 per carload for an 8 minute ride.

But you might be thinking “What if it sells out before I register and get my pass??” Once we have reached the limit, you can, during registration, ask to be put in a lottery for several passes that we will hold back.

And in the event that you are not able to secure a pass, you can still get your bal on at the DJed dance in the hotel ballroom.