Scholarship Donations:

Hello, Friends!

Would you like to help someone who has a lot of interest but, not a lot of cash flow, join us at the All Balboa Weekend? Kick in a few bucks and let’s help Balboa and our community grow in numbers and diversity.

Any donation amount is welcome. $5, $10, $20…$1000 (we can dream, can’t we?). Different people need different things and your donation will help offset another dancer’s expenses such as travel, meals, their side of the bed and/or registration fees.

Do what is comfortable for you and we promise that your donation will help make the Balboa scene more amazing for everyone.

Donate via Check:

All Balboa Weekend

37965 Miles Road

Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Scholarship Inquiries:

We heard you and Balboa are considering spending some time together at the All Balboa Weekend but, that you might need a little extra boost to help get you there.  Let’s chat, nothing formal, no stress.  Pretend we are just hanging out at a coffee shop (tea, boba, whatever) and shooting the breeze and catching up on what’s happening in our lives.  Tell us what you need help with and we will see what we can do.  If you aren’t 100% comfortable reaching out to me (Valerie Salstrom), please mention it to someone in your scene and ask them to reach out to me on your behalf.  We will also have people in the Bal scene actively inquiring about people who need a boost to get to ABW.  We will assist as many people as donations allow.  You may reach out to me or others now and until June 5th.

Please email me at and let me know if you want me to call, text, email, or message you on Facebook to get the ball rolling.

~~~ Valerie Salstom