ABW Pro-Amadmin

Rules for the Pro-Am Competition

All competitors must be Full Weekend Pass holders or Competition Pass holders.

To qualify as an Amateur at in the Pro-Am, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You do not teach Balboa outside of your home scene more than four times a year and
  2. You have NOT placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Amateur or Open ACBC, Amateur or Open Mix & Match or the IBC at ABW (2003-2017) and
  3. You have NOT placed 1st in the Pro-Am and
  4. You have NOT placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an Amateur or Open Division at another national or international Balboa competition

Each amateur follower will dance with the pro leader who has agreed to partner them. Each amateur leader will dance with the pro follower who has agreed to partner them. Only the amateur will be judged. Amateur leaders and amateur followers will compete and be judged separately. Pros may dance with up to two different partners. This will be a social dance competition in a strictly style competition format. Dancers register as couples and will dance to music randomly selected by the ABW DJ.

The exact format of the contest will be determined by the number of entrants and announced at the competitors’ meeting.

Medals will be given to the top three amateur leaders and the top three amateur followers. In addition, cash prizes will be given to ALL of the dancers winning top three placements, this includes both amateurs and pros.

$40 per couple

Please note that this is a BALBOA/BAL-SWING CONTEST. NOT a shag, jitterbug, or lindy contest. Expect GOOD balboa and bal-swing to be rewarded.

Winners  will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night.  Please see the schedule for details.