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Rules for Mix & Match at ABW

All competitors must be Full Weekend Pass holders or Competition Pass holders. Leaders may be any gender. Followers may be any gender. You cannot lead and follow in the same division.  $25 entry fee per person

Anything goes in both rounds – there are no restrictions. Dancers will be randomly paired and will dance to music selected by the DJ.

Please see the Schedule for times of the Prelims and Finals.

  • Preliminary Round – During the preliminary rounds, dancers will rotate. The number of heats (and rotations within each heat) will be determined by the Event Organizers. Leaders and followers will be selected to advance to the finals individually (but will be judged on how well they dance with their partner).
  • Final Round – Finalists will be randomly paired and will compete as a couple. Couples will not change partners during finals. Judging will emphasize how well the dancers adapt to their partners. Finalists will dance to 3 songs of varying tempos.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday night.  See the schedule for details.

Which Division is Right for Me?

See chart below to determine which division is right for you.

Mix & Match – Division 3

Mix & Match – Division 2

Mix & Match – Division 1 (Open)


You may enter multiple divisions as long as you meet the qualifying criteria for each division.

Please note that the final decision as to whether someone will be able to compete in a particular division is up to the discretion of the organizers of ABW. If you register for a level that the organizers of ABW find inaccurate, you will be notified and the appropriate change will be made.