Hello Balboa Family!

It’s your All Balboa Weekend organizers here: Valerie Salstrom, Mary Ann Carothers, and Chris Owens. First off, we miss you all so very much!!!  Secondly, we are pleased to announce that a virtual All Balboa Weekend is in the works for 2021!

Please mark your calendars for a virtual All Balboa Weekend on June 18-20, 2021!

We are delighted that this format allows us to invite and include more people and we look forward to growing our Balboa family!

A big plus this year is that we are opening the ABW video vault to share highlights from the past twenty years of the All Balboa Weekend – many of which haven’t been seen by the public for more than a decade! As part of this year’s virtual ABW, you’ll be able to see the second wave of Balboa innovators during the dance’s resurgence and see the evolution of Balboa dancing, fashion and footwear over the last two decades.  This is all in addition to inspiring instruction and fantastic music!

We are hoping that you are staying safe, taking care of yourself and others, and that we’re able to see you virtually in June!

With warm regards,
Valerie, Mary Ann, & Chris